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Unmatched functionality. Based on renewable sources.

Modified food starches have helped to transform the processed food industry by ensuring the quality of the original product concept is delivered to the end consumer.  Modified starches have helped to enable so many food product innovations over the years. When chemists figured out how to modify starch to get it to thicken pie fillings and keep canned soups hearty and rich, they knew they were on to something.  Modified starches opened up a completely new way to produce quality foods on a larger scale that had the same quality of the original food. 

You can rely on our broad portfolio of starches to help make Monday night’s special with frozen lasagna for a crowd, or that crunchy, fresh-tasting Asian meal for one. Add velvety mouthfeel, glossy sheen, freeze-thaw stability and much more. Our modified starches are nature based andenhanced to deliver exceptional functionality across all of your applications. We start with the natural properties of corn, tapioca, potato and rice and with our toolbox of chemical and physical modifications produce highly functional and efficient ingredients.

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