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At Ingredion, we pride ourselves on delivering consumer-winning ideas and solutions to our customers around the world. When you collaborate with us, you get the benefit of not only our high-performing, nature-based ingredients, but also of our consumer insights, cutting-edge research, and deep expertise. Watch our video to learn more about all that we offer—and how we can work together to make your products the best they can be. 

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Experience a fresh way of looking at consumer needs and today’s trends. Discover innovative ways to solve your challenges.

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Clean and simple

Clean label expertise

Health and nutrition

Support robust health

Smart savings

Save money. Maintain quality.
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Remove to improve

Reduce. Replace. Marvel in the nutritious and delicious results.

Amplify nutrition 

Provide the clinically proven health benefits consumers can count on.

Win at weight management

Help make weight management more achievable.
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Animal and Pet Nutrition

Healthy animal nutrition


Nutritious benefits

Batters and Breadings

Crispy and crunchy
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