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Make digesting easier

While home remedies were the answer to digestive ailments for centuries, today’s consumers turn to fibres to help restore digestive balance.

You need to choose just the right fibre and dosage to bring consumers all the benefits without any discomfort and help them meet their daily fibre targets. Your products can work wonders when our experts help you use our innovative fibre ingredients to achieve new label claims such as "gluten-free", "fibre-rich" or "reduced calories".

Let your yogurts, smoothies, soups, bars and ready meals bring consumers the digestive health benefits that improve their quality of life. Together we can help people optimise their fibre intake—comfortably.

NOVELOSE®  3490 dietary fibre

  • Resistant starch, 73% TDF as is.
  • Affordable fibre to replace wheat flour and add to gluten free bakery
  • Potential for carbohydrate and calorie reduction through substituting wheat flour with  NOVELOSE™ dietary fibre

Hot topics in health and nutrition

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Nutrition plus 

Increase the nutritonal profile of your products

Digestive health 

Make more products more attractive to consumers

Nutrition minus 

Building back texture when removing ingredients

Reduce sugar 

Make your products more attractive with consumers

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Creating safe and healthy products

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Create superior gluten free products


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