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Get the most out of your meats

You want to deliver the succulent meat products that consumers love and solve the challenges of creating them—plus get all the functional, nutritional and labeling benefits that will make your products stand out. You don’t have to compromise—and neither do consumers. When you work with us, you can replace fat, improve yield, simplify your label, enhance texture, manage moisture, and improve cold temperature stability and shelf life in your processed meat, fish and poultry products. Explore our broad range of starches and hydrocolloid-based solutions to address these needs while providing tender, juicy and delicious meat and meat analogues. Work with us to:

  • Increase yield
  • Manage moisture
  • Remove phosphates for a cleaner label
  • Create an eating experience and texture that satisfies
  • Replace fat to improve nutritional value 

Increase yield and reducing cooking losses with:

  • HOMECRAFT® CREATE 865 is a multi functional rice flour that can be used for clean label phosphate replacement in chicken with equivalent yields.
  • PURITY ALPHA 805 is a native rice flour that can be used for yield enhancement in chicken
  • PENPURE 37 is a pregelatinised high viscosity starch based on native potato. It can be used as a binder and filler to provide solids in applications, without or before heating, where little or no process tolerance is required.
  • N-HANCE® 59 is a potato-based functional native starch designed as a water binder and texturiser for meat systems.
  • NOVATION® 1900 is a potato-based functional native starch recommended as a water binder and texturiser for moderate temperature/shear food processing.
  • POTEX  is a potato fibre that has water and oil holding capability and is very resistant towards shear, pH and heat.  POTEX adds juiciness, yield & binding to finished products when used with starches.

Differentiate your products by improving texture and increasing moisture retention.

  • N-HANCE® 59 is a potato-based functional native starch designed as an excellent water binder and texturiser for meat systems.
  • NOVATION® 1900 a potato based functional native starch for water binding and texture in meat systems.

N-HANCE® 59 starch

N-HANCE® 59 is a potato-based functional native starch designed as a water binder and texturiser for meat systems. The strong water binding capacity of N-HANCE® 59 makes it an ideal choice for emulsified meat and ham application as it decreases process loss, reduces purge, enhances texture and improves flavour release.

Discover our clean label ingredients

NOVATION® 8600 Rice starch

For smooth and creamy textures


For smooth textures in sauces and yield enhancement in meat


For high process tolerance


For superior freeze-thaw stability

FOAMATION™ foaming agent

Develop beverages with rich foams and froth for memorable drinking experiences


For creating smooth and creamy textures that consumers will love.

NOVATION®  Organics

Organic solutions you can rely on

Explore our applications

Bakery and snacks 

Increase the consumer appeal of your bakery and snack products

Batters and coatings 

Create differentiated textures


Emulsification, encapsulation, sugar reduction and more


Creating great textures and achieve shelf life stability

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Ensuring product safety and nutrition

Colours and flavours 

Replace expensive ingredients


Improve yield, texture and consumer appeal


Create great textures and improve product quality

Discover our ingredient range

Encapsulants and emulsifiers 

Saving you money


Improve the nutrition and appeal of your products


Functional rice flours with superior performance


Functional native and modifed starches to suit your needs


Reduce sugar with our solutions
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