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The cream without the cost

More taste, texture and cost certainty

Whether you’re looking for cost optimisation through ingredient replacement or pushing ahead with healthier recipes or cleaner labels – sensory appeal plays a vital role in driving category differentiation. That’s our forte and we’re here to help your dairy portfolio stand out in a crowded market. Ingredion can help you keep pace with the latest consumer-driven trends and significantly reduce product development times.

We do this using our application know-how to advise you on the unique capabilities of texture and stability solutions in the dairy sector. Our partnership approach is built around helping you find the delicious balance between cost, quality and speed to market. 

Reducing costs, maintaining texture: reduce costs by replacing expensive ingredients such as fat, protein or dairy solids in yoghurts, desserts and custards with our functional starches without compromising taste or texture.

  • HOMECRAFT CREATE® multifunctional tapioca flours are ideal enhanced creaminess in reduced fat or protein in dairy and non-dairy applications and give improved flavour and texture stability over shelf life.
  • NOVATION® INDULGE  3920 starch is a co-texturiser that helps create high-quality, low-fat foods through texture optimisation. This ingredient improves mouthfeel in reduced-fat products to create or maintain indulgent textures.
  • N-CREAMER® 221 and PURITY® 87 starches enable manufacturers to create cost-effective products by reducing protein content. These starches provide stability and creaminess to achieve the perfect textures consumers want to buy time and time again. 
  • THERMTEX® is a modified food starch derived from waxy maize. It is a white to off-white powder and is recommended for use in many canned food systems where optimum heat penetration and high final viscosity are required. This product is resistant to high temperature, low pH, and shear. It can be used in cook-in-can fruit fillings and asceptically processed canned foods.

 Going clean label: our dairy specialists can help you cater to the latest clean label and free-from trends and advise you as to which of our clean label ingredients meets your specific needs.

More and more customers are demanding clean label ingredients. Work with our technical experts to reformulate your dairy products with:

  • NOVATION® functional native starches are clean label viscosifying starches which can help you create differentiated products. Whether you are looking for cut costs by replacing protein or need an ingredient that has exceptional process tolerance we have the right NOVATION® solution for you.
  • NOVATION® 8600 functional native starch has a consumer friendly “rice starch” label and combines moderate process tolerance with excellent texture stability over shelf-life for food in frozen, refrigerated or ambient storage. This starch is suitable for challenging applications such as high brix or high in protein foods and helps food manufacturers to create clean label products with indulgent textures.
  • NOVATION® Indulge 3920 is a moderate process tolerant, instant clean label starch providing viscosity and glossy appearance. Suitable for use in mayonnaise, dressings, pizza toppings and fruit fillings.
  • HOMECRAFT® CREATE multi functional tapioca flour range is our new generation of clean label rice flours that will give you creamy textures, stable products and suit your processing conditions.


Enhancing texture: create differentiated texture in dairy to help you stand out from the competition and have consumers come back for more time and time again.

Differentiate the texture of your dairy products with our co-texturisers:​ 

  • NOVATION® Indulge 3920 is a clean label co-texturiser for protein replacement in yoghurt. This ingredient can help you cut costs and help you create differentiated products through indulgent, thick and creamy textures. ​

Improving nutritional profile: meet another consumer trend for healthier foods by reducing fat or sugar but maintaining the rich, indulgent textures and taste consumers love.

Create healthier dairy products by replacing fat or sugar with our speciality starches, but without compromising the eating experience.

  • NOVATION INDULGE®   3920 is a co-texturiser which can help create high-quality low-fat foods to improve mouthfeel in reduced-fat products to create or maintain indulgent textures. ​
  • BESTEVIA® stevia leaf sweetener, a high-purity, next-generation stevia sweetener launched by Ingredion with our partner, SweeGen. BESTEVIA® stevia leaf sweetener is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, with significantly less bitterness and aftertaste than conventional stevia sweeteners.
  • ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners, a suite of stevia systems tailored to provide sugar-like taste at target usage levels. Achieve the highest possible levels of sugar reduction at an optimized cost.
  • ENLITEN® REB A sweeteners allows you to replace sugar and maintain the sweetness of your dairy products with a naturally sourced ingredient. 


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