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Perfecting sweetness in formulations

DIAL-IN® Sweetness is the unique combination of data, experience and process that Ingredion experts use to help you quickly achieve just the right sweetness profile and product functionality in your foods and beverages. The natural companion to our DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, this proprietary approach leverages our diverse portfolio of ingredients and solutions to help you cut time and cost from new product development while improving product likability.

The DIAL-IN® Sweetness process can help solve your sweetness challenges to ensure optimal taste and functionality. Ingredion's broad portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners creates the toolbox you need to bring your next winning product to market in the fastest way possible. We can work with you to save money and time as you formulate/reformulate to optimize the sweetness profile of your food or beverage product.

Speak the language of innovation and new product success

Sweetabulary® Sweetness language helps bridge the communication gap between consumers and food scientists.

SWEETABULARY helps you quantify and communicate how consumers feel about specific sweet tastes and clearly shows you how to efficiently respond to consumers' desires with new products, line extensions or product reformulations. This language helps formulators and marketers work together to achieve a sugar-like set of functional, taste and texture attributes when reducing sugar. Using SWEETABULARY will help you quickly achieve the right sweetness profile and create successful products consumers love.

With Ingredion and SWEETABULARY translations, you’ll be speaking the language of innovation and new product success in no time.

Reduce calories, but keep it juicy

Sweetness and texture systems help you cut back calories while maintaining deliciousness.

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