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Add fresh, chef-inspired appeal to ready meals

Serve up something new in your entrees and sides. Build an additive-free label that has great processing characteristics including shelf-life and freeze-thaw stability.  Or, build a label that has reduced fat, calories and cost using high quality, affordable texturizers that satisfy consumers. 

Since today’s consumers are looking for foods with familiar ingredients, they want to see fresh and better for you ingredients on labels.  Your challenge is clear: to create easy-to-prepare, chef-inspired, delicious refrigerated, frozen and shelf-stable foods using the best functional ingredients. 

Here’s how we can help you address key trends:

  • Clean and simple: Consumers want authentic tastes, homemade  textures; and they want to recognize the ingredients they see on labels.  With NOVATION® functional native starches and HOMECRAFT® flours we can deliver it all in ready meals and prepared foods.
  • Affordability: Improve your margins and get superior texture at lower costs with Ingredion solutions and formulation expertise with PRECISA® Sperse and PRECISA Cream series.  
  • Health and nutrition:  Find out how rich and flavourful gluten-free can be.  Create premium ready meals with homemade, familiar texture without gluten with our HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours.  Now you can replace allergens such as wheat without compromising on flavour and texture.



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