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Develop simple, affordable and satisfying dressings and dips

The dressing and dip market is dynamic, with consumer needs bubbling up to challenge the formulator. Only Ingredion brings you the expertise and ingredients to launch innovative, cost effective dressings and dips that offer a great eating experience while addressing consumer preference for health, convenience and simple labels.

We know how to bring you textures your consumers will desire.  Our portfolio of innovative products such as PRECISA® Sperse 100 instant thickener Ultra-series and wide range of gums will allow you to formulate differentiated products.

Imagine reduced-oil or reduced-egg dressings and dips with just the right texture and flavour- that also saves you money.  Ingredion’s N-CREAMER® 2000 and PRECISA® Cling series will help you to reduce eggs and fat and create healthier, cost optimized products- all without affecting consumer-preferred taste and texture.

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Remarkable texture. Remarkably fewer eggs.

Beat rising egg prices with Ingredion’s egg replacement solutions.

Address texture challenges in pourable salad dressings

Novel formulation approaches in pourable salad dressings white paper.

Save on savoury

Optimize eating experiences and costs.

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