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Scientifically proven ingredients for infant and clinical nutrition

Infants, toddlers and people with special clinical needs deserve exceptional nutrition and a high degree of care paid to the quality and safety of their foods and beverages. For a wide range of ingredients and formulation expertise you can trust, look to Ingredion to meet the higher microbiology, safety and nutritional standards required for infant and clinical nutrition.

To get the best start in life, infants and toddlers need a well-formulated, safe and nutritious diet. Ingredion can help you deliver the products parents are looking for to help new generations grow up healthier.

Find ingredients:

  • BIOLIGOTM GL series galactooligosaccharides (GOS)
  • UNI-PURE® IMF series—instant texturizers with high microbiology standards for infant safety
  • NOVATION® range—clean label corn/rice starches

People with specific nutritional needs or food intolerances should have access to nutritious, safe and satisfying foods and beverages. Ingredion is proud to offer high-quality, safe and scientifically backed nutritional ingredients to help you produce foods and beverages for people with dysphagia and other special nutritional needs.

Find ingredients:

  • UNI-PURE® Dys-sperse—starch- and gum-based instant dysphagia starch
  • NATIONAL® 77-1760—starch-based thickener
  • NATIONAL 50-3105—starch-based thickener

Add immune support to infant and toddler foods. 

BIOLIGO™ high purity GOS helps support immune systems in developing children.

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Improve eating experience for patients with dysphagia.

Where clean labels signal quality

Create high-quality dishes with clean labels. 

Nourish your youngest consumers

Rely on our experience and standards of purity in early life solutions. 

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