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Create innovative yogurts that consumers crave

Offer consumers great textures, clean labels and affordable nutritive yogurts and win in the market place. Ingredion will help you develop authentic yogurt products, from providing innovative ideas and selecting the right ingredients that match your processing conditions, all the way to scaling up the concept in your production facilities.

Tap into our expertise and capabilities to address yogurt trends such as clean label, enhanced nutrition, reduced sugar content, low calorie and indulgent new textures.

Whether your goal is to improve mouthfeel in a light yogurt, increase viscosity in a premium or get better stability, the yogurt processing conditions you use have a lot to say when it comes to selecting the best ingredients. Our broad range of starches allows us to provide the solutions you need for downstream or upstream processing conditions.

  • For excellent stability and good mouthfeel in low to non- fat yogurts, try our PRECISA® Cream 10, modified food starch.
  • For a differentiated premium texture, try our N-CREAMER® 115 for excellent stability with superior thickness and mouthfeel.
  • For more unique and indulgent textures, explore our N-DULGE® modified food starches product range.

Consumers want authentic taste, unique textures, and they want to recognize the ingredients they read on the labels. With NOVATION® functional native starches we can deliver it all. NOVATION® Endura 0100, the latest of our developments, withstands the hardest processing conditions, delivering excellent stability and mouthfeel in your final product.

Whether your goal is to minimize calorie content or reduce the added-sugars in yogurts, Ingredion has a broad range of sweeteners to support your development efforts. Delve into our capabilities to formulate the perfect sweetness profile using our DIAL-IN® Sweetness technology or validate your results leveraging our sensory team.  ENLITEN®, Reb A stevia enables you to reduce sugar with the clean label appealing that consumers prefer.

Create on-trend fruit preparations that will perfectly complement your yogurt base for the ideal product positioning. Address clean label trends with lower sugar content without compromising on taste and get chef inspired creativity. Partner with our CULINOLOGY® team to bring your concepts to life

NOVATION® Endura 0100 functional native starch

Overcome temperatures and homogenization pressure challenges.

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Create innovative yogurt products consumers prefer

Get the right ingredients, expertise and capabilities to address yogurt trends such as enhanced nutrition, simple labels, reduced calorie sweetness and indulgent textures.

Fruit prep versatility

Learn how you can optimize your fruit prep to deliver better taste and texture.

Dairy capabilities

Look to Ingredion for exceptional dairy solutions.

Perfecting sweetness in formulations

Achieve perfect sweetness your products with DIAL-IN® Sweetness Technology. 

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