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Delight with differentiated dairy products

Create dairy products that delight consumers with a superior, indulgent eating experience or add nutrition and develop simple, recognizable labels- all at an affordable cost. 

Use Ingredion’s wide range of ingredients, formulations expertise and wide range of capabilities to help you get to market quickly with innovative dairy products that address on-trend consumer needs.

Explore our dairy capabilities


Achieve the next level of cost savings and functionality in cheese products
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Yogurt and cultured dairy

Overcome temperatures and homogenization pressure challenges.
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Dairy and alternative beverages

Optimize sweetness and texture in dairy beverages
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Ice cream and frozen desserts

Reduce sugar and calorie content to deliver "guilt-free" ice cream and frozen desserts
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Get clean labels without compromising appearance, process tolerance and stability
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The best of dairy made better

Tap into our broad range of capabilities to address the hottest dairy trends

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