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Biobased energy and infrastructure solutions

It is well known that today’s consumers are concerned about what they put in and on their bodies.  Increasingly they are also concerned how industries in their communities extract, manufacture and supply energy, water and minerals.  We share this concern and are developing sustainable solutions that improve the recovery of oil and minerals, advance water purification and enable the production of renewable fuels and chemicals.  Some of our biobased solutions include

  • Fluid loss additives and rheology modifiers that improve oil and gas drilling operations
  • Flocculation aids for mining, oil recovery and water treatment 
  • Tackifiers for improved erosion and dust control at drilling and mining sites
  • Encapsulation technologies for targeted delivery of active ingredients 

In addition, we are helping to meet the increasing global demand for energy and chemicals through the production of biofuels at our Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility and as a feedstock supplier for a leading biochemical company.

Meeting the challenges that come along with unprecedented population growth and urbanization requires innovative, new approaches.    At Ingredion we are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions to today’s biggest challenges.  Let’s work together to develop energy and infrastructure solutions that your grandchildren will thank you for.  Innovate with us


Biopolymer-based solutions that perform

Unlock unique functionality with biopolymers. 

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