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Reduced sugar and calorie fruit-based beverages

Juices are great natural beverages. If you are considering developing a lower calorie version, then you are juggling many considerations such as sweetness profile, mouthfeel and clean labelling. How can you address these concerns, processing parameters and still meet your cost objectives? The answers come from Ingredion’s DIAL-IN® Technology. Starting with your goals and consumer insights, DIAL-IN® Technology eliminates much of the trial and error to you get to market faster with greater likelihood of success.

Reduced calorie juice drinks are more attractive to consumers when a shorter, simpler list of ingredients is on the label. Our portfolio of sweeteners and texturizers offer you endless possibilities to DIAL-IN® just the right touch of body and sweetness to your beverages. From stevia to soluble fibre and protein, we offer a wide variety of solutions, including clean label options, to keep your juice drinks affordable and nutritious.

Fresh and functional, smoothies tend to be a favourite morning and afternoon snack. ENLITEN® stevia leaf extract sweetener is a great alternative to reducing calories in fruit based smoothies that require a calorie-free sweet touch.

Many beverage manufacturers today are looking to fortify their products at reasonable cost, but without the allergen triggers of dairy or soy. They also want to differentiate their products with great texture, with label claims like non-GMO, gluten-free, sustainably sourced and vegan. Ingredion can help with our line of VITESSENCE™ pulse-based proteins.

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ENLITEN® Reb A stevia

Put consistent naturally based sweetness in and take sugar and calories out.

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