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Reliable gums for great products

Add creamy mouthfeel, optimize viscosity and stabilization and appealing texture with our nature-based gums - from acacia to xanthan and everything in between. Our gums come from sources on land and sea, including seeds, trees, seaweed and fermentation.

Our stabilizer systems—gum blends—allow for more highly functional stabilizing options across a wide array of applications including bakery, savoury, dairy and beverages. These synergistic combinations of gums translate into value added functionality to help create the optimal textural experience for consumers and formulators alike.

Our GUMPLETE systems, a high-performing blend of gums and starches, can mimic gluten and replace costly eggs or fat in applications from baked goods to beverages—all while supporting consumer-winning, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher label claims. Many synergistic blends are available, developed with the solutions oriented expertise from Gum Technology, a business unit of Penford, which is now part of the Ingredion group of companies.  

Our PRECISA® carrageenan solutions, which we distribute through an agreement with Gelymar, are high-performance texturizers derived from seaweed. They add a variety of textures, gel strengths and viscosity to dairy desserts; extended shelf life and reduce fat in salad dressings; and much more.

Whatever your goals, our experts will work closely with you to select the right gum or combination of gums and starches to get the best functionality and cost-optimized solution for your application.

Offer your consumers signature textures and mouthfeel with the nature-based ingredients they prefer.

GUMPLETE™ starch and gum stabilizing systems help provide added benefits beyond using an individual gum or a starch independently. These stabilizer systems are formulated to ensure that the starch and gums work synergistically and efficiently with each other to:

  • Improve texture
  • Provide texture in reduced fat applications
  • Mimic gluten functionality
  • Increase viscosity
  • Reduce syneresis
  • Enhance freeze/thaw stability
  • Replace eggs
  • Prevent oil and water separation
  • Clean flavour release
  • Decrease in overall stabilizer usage levels in some applications
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